Return on Investment

The return on investing in delicious, personalised nutrition for you and your team is staggering. It falls into four categories:

Cost reduction

Consider the direct operational costs of feeding your people. Consider the waste due to an inability to plan with precision. Consider your existing per person meal or meal subsidy budget. And now think about what you get for that money. Unhealthy, unpredictable, highly processed, sugar-laden offerings that are designed purely for hunger, not wellness.

Loss reduction

The cost of nutrition related deaths and morbidities to businesses and public health services is staggering. Obesity alone cost the NHS around £5.1 billion a year, with an estimated cost to the economy of £27 billion per year due to its effect on productivity, earnings, and welfare payments. It is also thought that more than 1 in 20 cancers are linked to being overweight or obese. If one includes the consequences of obesity, the cost to the NHS in England alone balloons to £16 billion.

Future of Work

The Future of Work is here. Flexibility and incentives that relate to wellness, cause-consciousness, and societal awareness are now at a premium. Feed Me Seymour is able - not just able, passionately committed - to meeting these needs. If you want to be a preferred employer, then offering a genuine (tasty) commitment to your team’s wellness (and your planet’s health) in a tech-forward manner is a no-brainer.

An enduring, measurable culture of wellness 

Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk, eat the food, track the change, see the smiles. And measure the aggregated improvement in your team’s wellness.