Leading questions

What does Seymour do?

We connect user needs and tastes to caterers, providing remarkable predictability and remarkable personalised nutrition.

Anything else?

Yes. Out-of-office functionality, automatic ordering, full micronutritional transparency, sustainability, analytics for caterers, clients and users, white branding, marketing support, upselling opportunities, dashboards, self-pay functionality. And, dare we say it… more.

Like what?

Learning paths, insights, tips, and optional wellness coaches for users, a nutrition tracker, a nutrition guide, progress tracking, a health score, order for others functionality, integrated workplace pantries… let’s chat.

Is Feed Me Seymour a catering company?

We are not a caterer.

We partner with caterers, providing them with a trusted digital channel to their end consumers that enhances predictability, reduces waste, builds margins, creates deep revenue opportunities, and unlocks massive value to their clients and their clients’ employees. We have world class chefs, sustainability experts, and dietitians on our team, however, to ensure that our processes, principles, content, recipes, menus and general IP are water-tight.

How easy is it to use Seymour as a caterer?


We do some upskilling of your chefs and provide training to your kitchen management team on our operating system, but from a tech point of view, it’s very simple. We can white brand our app to your company’s brand if you require, and there are multiple ways in which we can manage your in-app content and recipe engineering. From the moment we’ve agreed your solution’s parameters to the moment we onboard your first users and receive their pre-orders takes approximately three weeks for a Seymour-branded solution and six weeks for a white-branded solution.

Have you validated these claims?

Why yes! Thank you for asking.

Our food waste is currently 58g per order. This is less than 20% of the industry average. Our pre-ordering is 100% at 8 hours ahead of service, 76% at 48 hours before service or longer, and 26% at a full 5 days before service, which translates into unparalleled operational predictability. Imagine knowing exactly what 76% of your end consumers want two days before you need to deliver?

For further validations relating to user engagement, please drop us a line and we’ll be proud to share this with you.

What’s health got to do with it?

Good question.

We anchor our personalisation of menus, items, content and coaches around health outcomes for end consumers. Why? Well, if we’re going to provide the predictability to caterers that we promise, we need to have a scientifically rigorous structure around which we build our personalised offerings. We chose health as the premise for that structure because 70% of your health is nutrition-based and nutrition is what you eat. And what you eat is what caterers produce. Simple. It’s win-win-win. We get to provide deep predictability to caterers while unlocking transformative value for clients and consumers.

Think about it this way: If Seymour does the work to ensure that your end-consumer is getting exactly what they need to optimise themselves (based on credible, scientific research), we not only offer them real value that improves their lives, but we also offer major benefits to their employers (your clients) in terms of improved productivity and lower costs related to absenteeism and healthcare, and we’re able to bring both this feel-good story and operational predictability to caterers.

I’m a user. What if I have allergies or food restrictions?

Seymour takes care of that. Your allergens and dietary restrictions are automatically accommodated when your personalised menu is compiled. You can include lifestyle preferences and even exclude ingredients that you just don’t like.

I’m a user. What if I’m out of the office?

Seymour has an out-of-office and holiday functionality that allows you to schedule when you’ll be away from your workplace. That way you don’t waste any food or money.

And if I want more than my employer is willing to subsidise?

Seymour facilitates self-pay. Seymour also provides the option to buy additional, Seymour-recommended items that are recommended based on your profile, behaviour, and feedback, while also giving you the option to order for others should you wish to take items home with you.

What do you do with all this data you’re collecting?

Seymour is very discreet. So discreet, in fact, that Feed Me Seymour is ISO27001 compliant. To achieve ISO27001 certification means that our Information Security Management System is independently audited each year to ensure it complies with international best practice. Your data will not be shared with anyone. But it will enable tremendous personalisation to the user, predictability for caterers, analytics across the board, and the most comprehensive, integrated, nutrition-led wellness offering available.

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