Leading questions

Is Feed Me Seymour a catering company?

Look, we do deliver delicious, personalised meals to your workplace daily. And they are comprehensive meals designed to meet your, and your workplace’s needs. So to that extent, yes, we cater. But we are so much more than that. We offer science-backed nutritional and behavioural support and guidance (including wellness coaches and programs) through a cutting edge technological platform that also provides tracking and scoring. We think of ourselves as a wellness company that does more than just talk the talk. We also feed the need.

But what exactly do you deliver? Lunch in a box?

In the same way that the Olympics is just ‘people running around’, yes. But the truth is that we are delivering a very carefully, lovingly curated solution to your nutrition needs. A box from us will include a bowl created by Michelin-starred chefs that meet the rigorous nutritional criteria laid down by our head dietician, and made from seasonal and local ingredients. The drink we give is packed with micronutrients and dedicated to addressing your focus areas.

Yet the offering does not end with what you eat and drink. It includes a remarkable AI tech platform that enables insight, behavioural change, knowledge, and tracking. If you want to know your nutrient intake for the day, ask Seymour. If you want to understand what all the fuss is about beetroot, ask Seymour. What’s ATP? Ask Seymour. Need an intermittent fasting coach? Or a cold shower, sleep preparation, or incidental exercise coach? Seymour has them too.

What if I have allergies or food restrictions?

Seymour takes care of that too. When you set-up your weekly schedule on the app (with orders locked in at 4pm the previous day), your allergens and dietary restrictions are automatically accommodated within your focus areas.

What if I’m out of the office?

Seymour has an out-of-office and holiday functionality that allows you to schedule when you will be away from your workplace. On those days we simply don’t send your box, avoiding waste all round.

What do you do with all this data you’re collecting?

Seymour is very discreet. So discreet, in fact, that Feed Me Seymour is the only food or wellness company that is ISO27001 compliant. Your data will not be shared with anyone. But it will enable the most comprehensive, nutrition-led wellness offering available.

How do I sign up for Feed Me Seymour’s delicious, personalised nutrition and wellness coaches?

Contact us. We would love to do a pilot at your workplace to understand your needs better, and then sign you and your team up for life-changing nutrition and wellness support. There is a trial button on the home page.

Can I get Feed Me Seymour without my company being a client?

We are currently working on a subscription model that would allow you to use Feed Me Seymour even if your workplace is not a client. As soon as we’ve developed the e-commerce model to our high standards, we’ll announce it. In the meantime, why not introduce Feed Me Seymour to your organisation’s leaders? Besides the health and taste benefits it will bring you, it offers real returns on investment.

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