Live longer, better.

Feed Me Seymour is your full-circle healthspan solution, from science-based, tailored nutrition delivered fresh to your workplace daily, to self-health coaches, to targeted supplementation and customised workplace pantries - all integrated into a cutting-edge super-app that guides, tracks, and scores your personal healthscape.

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Dinner bowls

We believe in optimising health and the power of nutrition

Nutrition is at the heart (gut, mind, lung, skin, and bone) of what we do. It accounts for almost 70% of your healthscape, and has the power to unlock transformative health benefits. So eat with Seymour and enable the physician within. Deliciously.

To keep nutrition front of mind (heart, gut, lung, skin, and bone), we’ve developed our pillars of health to guide us in the creation of every lunch and dinner bowl, every breakfast pot and wellness shot, and every pantry item we bring you and your team.

We believe in the power of tech

Seymour, our AI platform, offers you science-based coaching in areas like intermittent fasting, provides empowering content, actionable and relevant guidance, personal insights, and tracks and scores your progress towards living longer, better - all in a single, integrated app. Seymour also happens to be ISO27001 compliant, so anything you tell it stays between the two of you.

Seymour nutriments

Your Seymour essentials are a carefully composed, outcome-specific selection of vitamin and mineral nutriments chosen to plug the gaps that data tells us most need plugging. They’re designed to offset the micro-nutrient deficiencies that demanding lifestyles, polluted environments, and occasional laissez-faire eating can produce. You can call them ‘my essentials’.

Seymour pantry

Not your average pantry. We bring you Seymour-vetted and Seymour-created options for your workplace. Instead of dosing yourself with processed sugars and stimulants, you can reach for sustained energy, better sleep, improved health, and longevity. The pantry’s also integrated into the app, so Seymour can nudge you to the right shelf at the right time.

We believe in making business sense to you

When we talk about your ‘bottom line’, we aren’t talking about body shape (they’re all beautiful to us). We’re talking about saving and making money for your business. Fewer sick days, better productivity, improved ESG scores, happier people, Future of Work preparedness, and measurable returns of 300% on the pound. Sound good? Well, that’s just the return on investment in wellness to your business. The return to your team will be an improved healthscape that unlocks all their value as friends, co-workers, partners, parents, and members of society. This is not just a win-win. It’s a win-win-win-win-win.

We believe in sustainability

That’s why we have our pillars of sustainability, which are closely aligned to the Chef’s Manifesto (in turn based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). Our pillars of sustainability guide us in all the decisions we make, from how we source our ingredients to how we prepare our meals, to how we treat our people.

This is not lip service. It’s lip-smacking service backed by true commitment.

Seymour nutriments

Our essentials range includes a baseline pack - my life essentials - that addresses the most prevalent micro-nutrient deficencies in Britain and the United States. Omega-3, methylated folate, magnesium, and vitamin D are critical to your wellbeing, wielding astonishing power to add years to your healthspan, and yet the vast majority of the UK and US populations fall well below the Lower Reference Nutrient Intake of these. In terms of improving wellness, this is low hanging fruit. (So is eating more plants, by the way, low hanging or not.)

Seymour pantry

We’ve brought all our dietetic and culinary pedantry to bear to ensure that everything in your pantry meets the parameters laid down by Feed Me Seymour’s lead dietitian, and honours both our pillars of health and pillars of sustainability. Whether it’s our bespoke, proprietary range of outcome-focussed tonics, fast-friendly drinks, activated seed and nut mixtures, kale and mushroom crisps, and Fibars and patés, or one of the carefully considered and pre-vetted ranges of externally sourced kombuchas, water kefirs, bars and snacks, everything in your pantry will be absolutely aligned with the primary health and wellness focus of Feed Me Seymour. And, of course, everything has to be delicious. We also use data to refine and customise your pantry over time, making sure it meets your workplace’s specific needs and preferences, and honouring the old adage that ‘variety is the spice of life’.