Seymour's pillars of health

Dial up fibre

Feed Me Seymour has minimum fibre requirements for our meal plans. We’re so obsessed by fibre that we developed our bites and Fibars to ensure that you’re getting enough.

Good fats

Feed Me Seymour knows that fat is not bad. Not all of it. Your brain is made up of 60% fatty tissue, and fat is an incredible source of energy. However, the fats we like are those with benefits, like omega 3 fatty acids.

Optimise gut health

Feed Me Seymour loves the gut. It’s the lynchpin to so much of your health, including immunity and mental wellbeing. That’s why we developed our rituals - to ensure that we populate your microbiomes with the right bacteria. All several billion of them.

Low sugar

Feed Me Seymour has a fundamental belief that refined sugar should be avoided at almost all costs because the cost of including it in your diet is intolerably high. 

Build from whole foods

Feed Me Seymour believes in whole plants. They’re the epitome of unprocessed, nutrient rich produce.

Plant forward

Feed Me Seymour foregrounds plant-based eating, not only because of its impact on the planet, but also its impact on our overall wellbeing. And when we do use animal proteins, you can be sure there is a good reason and that we source those proteins with great care.

Maximise plant diversity

Feed Me Seymour believes in biodiversity in the world (see our sustainability pillars), and we mirror that in our commitment to plant diversity in your diet. 

Local and seasonal

Feed Me Seymour believes in local and seasonal. Nutritional density is optimised by freshness, which is optimised by being closer to our suppliers. Local and seasonal also means appropriate variety, lower food miles, and empowering local communities.

Balance macro nutrients

Feed Me Seymour believes in balancing your macro-nutrient intake. Why? Because a choir made up only of sopranos sounds slightly dodgy. Nutrients work together to optimise health.

Nutritionally dense

Feed Me Seymour’s guiding principle is nutrition first. We will always default to the most nutritionally dense option that we can reasonably source.