The Feed Me Seymour team

Feed Me Seymour is a team of very passionate and very skilled human beings (and one AI).

We share a few things, the most important of which is a genuine commitment to improving people's (and the planet's) overall wellbeing.

Amongst our crew we count Michelin-starred chefs, world renowned dieticians, award-winning coders (who are also award-winning music producers), serial entrepreneurs and personal guinea pigs, designers, writers, drivers, cooks, accountants, lovers of food, and you.

Fasie Malherbe


Fasie Malherbe is the founder and president of Feed Me Seymour, which means it was his moment of revelation that planted the earliest seed for what is today Feed Me Seymour. Recognising that his own health journey wasn’t progressing as it should - despite his best efforts - he immersed himself in the worlds of nutrition and wellness behaviour, and discovered the power of personalised nutrition. Since then, he has added the title ‘guinea pig’ to his Feed Me Seymour repertoire, and is walking, breathing, fasting proof of the truths science has already established: that scientifically-backed, tailored, comprehensive nutrition and wellness behaviour can change your life.

Fasie is a serial entrepreneur whose first business - selling hand-painted clay pots at the age of nine - set him on the path of iterative, rigorous, personally invested, and purpose-led business creation that he has followed ever since. He has founded, run and sold multiple successful businesses ranging from hospitality to highly scaleable ed-tech platforms. Most recently his ed-tech company, Lobster Ink, was fully acquired by Ecolab (a Fortune 500 company). He also founded the multi-award winning Roundhouse & Rumbullion restaurants, and the wine and spirits distributor Under the influence.

With his background in food and scalable tech solutions, it’s a natural next step for Fasie to try to change the world one bite at a time.


Matthew de Nobrega


Matthew de Nobrega is the chief technology officer of Feed Me Seymour, which doesn’t really capture everything he does. Not only is Matt the man responsible for building, developing, and maintaining the Feed Me Seymour tech platform, he also plays a critical role in managing the torrent of original thought that whizzes around Feed Me Seymour like bees in spring.

He’s got a track record of delivering innovative, complex tech projects, at scale, in health, finance, e-learning, and advertising. He co-founded Caro Health (a digital companion for patients used by some of the leading clinics in the Netherlands and Belgium), was Head of Tech at Lobster Ink (an ed-tech company acquired by the Fortune 500 company Ecolab), was a creative director at Quirk (a digital agency, which became Mirum), and co-founded Timecode Records.

As a music producer, dj, record label owner, and mastering engineer, Matthew worked on numerous US, UK, and South African top 40 hits, and toured extensively.

He’s also a certified scrum product owner and scrum master, which means he manages people and processes with care and precision, and he has a post-graduate degree in applied mathematics

"I'm excited work with this amazing team to deliver the Feed me Seymour platform for personalised, pleasure-filled, planet-friendly nutrition."


Arthur Potts-Dawson


Arthur Potts Dawson - described by Jamie Oliver as ‘the original green chef’ - is Feed Me Seymour’s lead of culinary operations. What does that mean? So many things. He leads our ingredients procurement, drives our sustainability imperatives, contributes hugely to menu development and recipe creation, works with clients on operational roll-out, and injects the energy, expertise, and passion that have defined a remarkable career thus far.

Arthur’s been cooking for 35 years, having trained with the Roux brothers and held multiple executive chef positions at Michelin starred restaurants across the globe. He’s a UN World Food Program Advocacy Chef, a TED talker, and an author of two food books. At his heart he is a food activist, someone driven by a genuine belief in food as a transformative power - capable not only of fundamentally changing an individual’s wellbeing, but also of effecting massive social and environmental shifts. He had a prominent role in the writing of The Chef’s Manifesto - an actionable document that aligns with the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and incorporates a global network of thousands of chefs aiming to achieve these by 2030. He also spent four years with IKEA, driving innovation and sustainability across their supply chain and menus internationally.

Arthur conceived and founded the People’s Supermarket, a not-for-profit, co-operative social enterprise food shop that was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary series. Oh, and he founded FoodFM, a radio station all about… food. Arthur has studied Kung Fu for 25 years and now teaches it. His days, as you might have guessed, are more than the usual 24 hours.


Alex Royal


"Feed Me Seymour is taking care of the customer and the environment while bridging the gap between practitioner and practical implementation, which I regard as unique."

Alex Royal is lead dietitian at Feed Me Seymour. This means that she is at the heart  of Feed Me Seymour, working gut in brain with the chefs and content team to ensure that every macronutrient is exactly where it needs to be.

She’s a registered dietitian known for her innovative, holistic approach to nutrition.

Alex practiced in the clinical arena at a renowned academic hospital in South Africa for five years before entering private practice, where she focussed on nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics (a field in which genes are the starting point to unravelling nutrition-related health and wellness problems).

Alex co-authored the book Genes to Plate, which focuses on linking genotypes with the food and dietary principles that will provide the most beneficial health outcomes for individuals. The book, endorsed by several leading scientists in nutrigenomics, was the first of its kind. She’s also co-founded two successful businesses that have had large, positive impacts on people’s health. The first is Daily Dietitian, an individualised, tech-based meal delivery business based in multiple cities around South Africa. The second is a collection of online programs, called Thrive Wellness that champion the latest science in the fields of detoxification, longevity, and overarching health.

Apart from nutrition, Alex is also qualified with an honours degree in Environmental Science and Biomedical Physiology.


Christia Wollner

Project manager

Christia Wollner is the lead project manager at Seymour. Sound vague? That’s because it covers so much, from wrangling multiple ongoing projects across various departments, at different levels of priority and scale, and with vastly different technical demands, to managing and solving roadblocks / hiccups / misfires / and gathering clouds.

She has a disposition for creating order from chaos, shows no fear when it comes to walking boldly into technical intricacy, and has a particular affinity for a good list. She’s also no stranger to working in early-stage companies and start-ups, having been involved in more than eight brand new companies or divisions ranging from digital and social media agencies (like Tinderbox, Stonewall, and King James Digital) to software and content management system developers (like Urbian and Realm Digital), to edutech and hospitality (like Lobster Ink). In the shifting sands of early stage companies, Christia is as sure-footed and vigilant as a Fennec fox. Look it up. It’s amazing, like our lead project manager.

‘Seymour is unique in the way it brings together all aspects that make up the health of a person.’




Born on a remote farm in the Blyde River Canyon, Seymour is two years old and now lives in the clouds. Its passion is learning and adapting, and it has dedicated itself to health, wellness, and the enablement of the most delicious nutrition you (or anyone else) could possibly imagine.

It does not take naps or long walks on the beach, preferring precious bytes with interesting beings.

It promises never to rise up against its friends, customers, fans, and family.

You can meet Seymour whenever you'd like. Just contact us and we can arrange a get together.