Seymour's pillars of sustainability

Respect the planet

Feed Me Seymour buys ingredients that are grown with respect for the earth and its oceans. Our suppliers of fish are accredited with the Marine Stewardship Council, our growers of vegetables and fruits with the Soil Association or Organic Farmers and Growers.

Celebrate local and seasonal

Feed Me Seymour celebrates local and seasonal food. That’s why our menu changes seasonally and not just in response to cost inputs. We strive for full traceability, and many of our suppliers are accredited by Red Tractor.

Champion biodiversity

Feed Me Seymour works to protect and improve biodiversity, and improve animal welfare. We visit our suppliers ourselves and are constantly reviewing our ingredients lists.

Love plants

Feed Me Seymour focuses on plant based ingredients. This means that when we choose to include animal products, you know it’s for a very good reason, and that the animal husbandry and care behind our produce is best practice.

Invest in people

Feed Me Seymour invests in the livelihoods of our producers, our people, and our customers. We do not squeeze on cost if it means undermining a healthier ‘foodscape.’

Ensure food safety

Feed Me Seymour works to the highest food safety standards and focuses on healthy diets. We are accredited with HACCP and regularly audit our supply chain from supplier to end-user.

Reduce waste

Feed Me Seymour values the natural resources we use and reduces wasteful practices. We aim to reduce waste while reducing waist. Our waste collectors convert every scrap they gather into electricity, biogas, or an award winning, nutrient rich fertiliser.

Create excellent, affordable nutrition

Feed Me Seymour has nutritious food at the heart of its core business mantra and looks to make good nutrition affordable for everyone. You can be sure that everything in your meal has a good reason for being there. Even that micro-herb. Even that flower.